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The Delta Gamma house, commonly known as “The Deeg,” is centrally located in West Campus, with the convenience of Main Campus buildings, The Drag, restaurants, and stores within a block’s distance. The house serves as a home, meeting place, and tropical oasis for the Delta Gamma girls living in the heat of Austin, TX. All DG students are eligible to live in the house based on points, and there is no limit on what year or how many years each girl can live there! Nevertheless, the DG House is a popular place for all members to eat, study, socialize, sunbathe and celebrate sisterhood.


The House was established in 1938, making this year the 80th anniversary of its existence at The University of Texas! We are one of the few houses on campus and the ONLY Delta Gamma Chapter to have a swimming pool. 56 girls are able to live in the house at a time, allowing for lots of fun memories and friendships. Three stories high, the house allows for 27 bedrooms, four of which are three-person bedrooms. The house also has a guest room, which can be used by any visiting alumna. Girls that live in the house have access to a fully stocked kitchenette, in addition to receiving three meals a day, five days a week. 


The Beta Eta house décor has a traditional and homey feel. The Formal Living Room is cozy and comfortable with couches, sofa chairs, a large dining table, and a baby grand piano. The Garden Room is a cheerful, sun-lit den area for girls to relax and catch up on the colorful couches and chairs. The Mauve Room is also equipped with a large table for doing school work, along with a television, couches, and cabinets displaying all of Beta Eta's awards. The Orange Room is the entertainment room where girls watch their favorite television shows and movies together. The basement acts as a quiet study area with cubicles and academic resources--a valuable asset during the school year and, of course, during exam season. There is also a Chapter Room on the third floor that will host the full group during meetings and ceremonies that was added in the fall of 2016. Last but not least, our dining area is probably the most popular place in the house. Here, girls can eat, socialize, and spread out their studying materials on the large wood finished tables.


Come check out the Delta Gamma – Beta Eta house for yourself and see why we are so proud to call this place a home!

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