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Meet Jimena Gonzalez, VP: Membership!


As Beta Eta’s VP Membership, I am thrilled to be leading our chapter through Fall 2024 recruitment. I am looking forward to meeting all of the Potential New Members and learning about their unique passions, talents, and personalities. 

One of my favorite memories from this past year was reading out the bid list to our chapter before the new members ran home. Seeing everyone's faces when their rush crush was called our, as well as the pure excitement and pride we had as a recruitment team was amazing, and I look forward to reliving it in August!

My recruitment experience was definitely not the easiest, but Delta Gamma and its women offered me support every time I saw them, and managed to put a smile on my face after every round. My advice to PNM's would be just that, see who can put a genuine smile on your face because these will be the people supporting you through all the highs and lows college can bring. Take a deep breath, trust your gut, and be yourself, and I guarantee the right house will be sitting ready for you at the end of the process. 

Delta Gamma has given me lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and a community of supportive and empowering women. I can't wait to share what Delta Gamma means to our chapter this Fall!

— Jimena Gonzalez
    VP Membership

Meet our Recruitment Team!

Recruitment Dates

Friday, May 31st, 9 AM CST

Recruitment Registration Opens!

The 2023 Recruitment Registration Fee is $175, due at the time of registration.

Resume, academic transcripts, and a photo are required for registration. Please wait to register until you have a final GPA and a transcript with at least half of senior year. 

Sunday, August 4th, 11:59 PM CST

Recruitment Registration Closes!

Monday, August 19th - Saturday, August 24th

Recruitment Week!


Collegians and Alumnae:

If you know a person who would make an outstanding addition to our chapter, we encourage you to write her a Letter of Recommendation! The sponsorship form can be found by logging on to your EO Delta Gamma Member profile found here.


Potential New Members:

If you are looking for a sponsor, contact your nearest Panhellenic Alumnae Association, and they will aid you in the process!

Recommendation Letters: Who Can Write Them?

Delta Gamma Alumnae in good standing, as well as collegiate members of the University of Texas Beta Eta Chapter, and third parties such as a coach, teacher, mentor, etc.

Additional Letters of Support are no longer required by our chapter. 

Submission Directions:


As a chapter, we prefer sponsorships be submitted electronically. Below are the components that should be attached via the “Potential New Member Information” section at the beginning of the online sponsorship form.


  • Résumé

  • High School or College Transcript

  • Photos (headshot)

  • Any additional documents provided by the PNM


If for any reason you should need to send a physical copy of any of the above, please send it directly to the Delta Gamma house.


Delta Gamma

Attn: Emma Arrington

2419 Rio Grande St.

Austin, TX 78705


Legacy Status: 

In June 2020, Council voted to change our Membership Selection Policy and remove the preferential treatment given to legacies during recruitment. This change empowers collegiate members to have the autonomy to make their own membership selection decisions as advocated by our collegiate members. This change is one of the many steps Delta Gamma is taking to ensure an equitable and inclusive experience for all members and potential new members. Potential new members who meet our legacy definition will still be considered a legacy and celebrated after a bid is extended. However, chapters will no longer give them preferential treatment and instead treat all PNMs with equal respect and dignity. 

Please email questions relating to PNM sponsorship to Addie Hess at 

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