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Just The Beginning

Dear PNMs,

As I ran home to DG, I couldn’t wait to experience the bigger events I had always heard about—bid day, big/little reveal, initiation, date events.

These moments are incredibly fun and enriching. They are integral to the sorority experience. On bid day, I took pictures with strangers who would become some of my closest friends. My first semester as a Delta Gamma brought me my big, a friendship I will cherish forever. And being initiated by my aunt—another DG—will always be one of my most meaningful college memories.

But the DG new member experience is so much more than what you see on Instagram. Many of the moments that made me grateful I chose DG were unexpected. They were often simple, overlooked, or unphotogenic.

Fifty years from now, I might not remember every date event or social activity. But I will remember trying to study in the house in my pajamas with my big. That night, despite our best efforts, we laughed and danced more than we studied. I’ll remember sitting on the bus on the way back from our chapter retreat, singing at the top of our lungs. I’ll remember how my member class and the new member team made every meeting special. I’ll remember crying from laughter at Pizza Press after Anchor Splash with some of my best friends.

I’ll also remember how my sisters pushed everything aside to support me after a bad test. I’ll never forget how countless upperclassmen took the time to offer career, academic, and boy advice, despite having a million things going on in their own lives.

When it comes down to it, you don’t choose a sorority to be there just on your best days. You choose it for the people who will pick you up on your worst ones. During my time as a new member, Delta Gammas empowered me to lead, challenged me to dream, and encouraged me to make a tangible difference within the chapter and outside it. In word and deed, they’ve shown me the value of taking risks, living boldly, and having fun through it all.

As I look back on my first year as a Delta Gamma, I’m grateful for every little moment—even the imperfect ones. This year is just the beginning of all the good that is yet to come. I hope you get the chance to discover it yourself.

All my best,


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