To a Senior, From a Senior

Dear High School Senior,

I will probably never meet you, and you will probably never meet me. You and I have four years between us, and it’s possible we don’t have a ton in common. What we will forever share is being what we never asked for – the Class of 2020.

I get it. I get it in a way your mom tries to understand but can’t. I get it in a way the underclassmen sympathize the best they can but are one degree too far removed for their own good. I am angry. I am very, very sad. I feel selfish and guilty. I feel loss, fear, relief, and remorse all at the same time. I am tired and I’m sure you are too. In these ways we are the same.

In a way, I am jealous of you. This is where you start to hate me, but just hang on. You have four bid days to look forward to. You have four season of Texas football to cheer on. You have eight Dessert with DGs to eat your heart out. You have formals, sisterhood events, Parent’s Weekends, Round Ups, Anchor Splashes, late nights in the kitchenette, roommates, dance parties, study abroads, and more that you couldn’t even dream of. This is coming. And this isn’t where I try and make you feel bad for me, because I have had this, and so will you.

Delta Gamma is for hope, for strength, and for life. I am hopeful. I am hopeful for you, and I am also hopeful for me too. Just as you don’t yet know the good that is coming, neither do I. Some of these days I feel strong. A lot of them I don’t. That’s why I keep good people around me, and a lot of them are Delta Gammas. Life is messy and unpredictable. We understand this now more than ever before. I stand confident at the end of my college career because I know what has started here does not have to end here. Memories, making mistakes, professional interests, and most importantly, people.

When you graduate from UT, they will light up the whole tower orange, and the number “24” will shine brightly for your accomplishments and the time you have spent here. I will look at “24” and I will think of you. There is a lot you are missing right now. I’m missing it too. But there is so much coming, and for that we are full of hope.

Sara, Class of 2020

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