What do I wear for recruitment week?

Hi, my name is Riley Young and I’m the director of recruitment for Delta Gamma this year!

I have always loved recruitment - the door chants (which sometimes go viral on Twitter), the pretty decor, the conversations you actually remember (and those you don’t), the opportunity to learn about all the awesome chapters here at UT, and of course the ending - BID DAY!!! As a senior about to go through my 4th recruitment, it is truly crazy how fast the time goes. I still remember when I was a nervous freshman with no idea what to expect, what to say, or what to wear. As for what to expect and what to say, I will tell you honestly that you just need to show up and be yourself- we will guide you through the rest. What you do have complete control of, however, is the what to wear to the parties. So, I am here to give you the ultimate style guide for this years recruitment.

Open House

This round is commonly known for its dreaded khaki shorts. This day is the simplest to say the least. You will be provided with a recruitment t shirt, make sure you get a size you feel most comfortable in! You will tuck this shirt into your fabulous tan khaki shorts, buckle up a brown belt, and pair it with your favorite tennis shoes. My best advice for this round is to make sure your socks are white, your bra can’t be seen, and you keep the hair and make up natural as you have two long, tiring but totally worthwhile days ahead of you.


Now that you have made it through two long days in your recruitment uniform, you get some freedom to dress it up! For this round, you will wear a sundress or romper paired with wedges. If I had to sum this outfit up in three words it would be casual, cute, and comfortable. Don’t over do the jewelry, don’t choose something too short or too tight, and make sure you are comfortable and confident as you get ready to learn about the awesome philanthropies at each house!


This round is by far my favorite, as the personalities of the chapters really shine through. With this being said, try and use your outfits to show off your own personality as well! This round is more formal than the previous, with the attire being cocktail dresses and heels. Again, make sure you keep it classy and comfortable. As the days continue to step up in attire, you may also step up your hair and make up to match. So, zip up your cocktail dresses and get ready to have some FUN during sisterhood rounds!


You have finally made it to the last and most formal round of recruitment! During this round you will visit two houses. Fittingly, the attire for preference night is a classic black dress and heels.


The moment you have been waiting for. You made it through the week, so take a deep breath and prepare yourself to be welcomed into a family of more sisters than you could ever imagine. Put on your cutest dress or romper and favorite shoes that are comfortable enough to “run home” in. The paparazzi will be waiting for you, so get your smiles ready and get excited because the next thing you will wear will be your new letters!

I hope this style guide was helpful. I am so excited for the best recruitment yet! And always remember, what you wear isn’t about anyone but you - make sure you feel confident and ready to rock recruitment!

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