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I Live Here, I Give Here

Hi friends! I am so thankful to be able to share with you guys something that is so important to me.

I work with Volunteer Healthcare Clinic, which is an Austin-based clinic that provides free medical services to the local uninsured population. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners donate their time to run high quality clinics for those who would otherwise seek non-emergency medical help from emergency rooms. VHC offers its services free of charge to its patients, and therefore relies on donations from the community.

Amplify Austin is an online platform that helps raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits. Amplify Austin Day is the city of Austin’s annual day of giving and donor matching for local organizations. Amplify Austin serves as the bridge between nonprofits located within Central Texas and the community. VHC is able to raise funds to operate for the following year through Amplify Austin.

I personally find VHC’s mission important because I believe every person deserves access to health care, regardless of their financial situation. Thanks to many volunteers, the clinic is able to operate every week and serve those who genuinely need help. Healthcare is something we can often take for granted, and seeing others benefit from generosity of VHC is truly an eye-opening experience. I feel so blessed to be able to give back to the Austin community, and encourage others to do the same as well!

You can visit Amplify Austin’s website to find a local nonprofit that is important to you!

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