14 Houses But Only 1 Home for Me: Why I Chose DG

“But Kassidi, you don’t seem like a sorority girl!” That’s the response I usually received whenever my family and friends back home had discovered I went through recruitment and found a new home in Delta Gamma. That was also the moment I realized that sororities often bear the same old stigma of girls who all look a certain way, act a certain way, and like the same exact things. Going into recruitment, I must confess that I harbored some of these thoughts in the back of my mind, and my skepticism of the process outweighed my excitement.

During the sweaty and humid week of fall recruitment, you’ll have the opportunity to escape the heat and enjoy the air conditioning of 14 houses full of girls who- as their door chants will tell you- have been waiting for you allllll summer. Each of the houses will have a different feel and a unique personality, so don’t be confused if you enjoy some houses more than others! Just allow yourself to have an open mind for every house you enter and, above all, have some fun.

For me, I walked into 14 houses and found one that I never wanted to leave. In Delta Gamma I found a place where no two girls were exactly alike. In addition to having a house full of girls with all kinds of majors, Delta Gamma is place where Greek life converges with philanthropy, academic success, and a myriad of social interests. Many of my sisters are in the various honors programs offered at UT, so I knew that DG’s cared about their academics and would push me to do my best in mine. When I watched the faces of DG’s as they recounted stories from their time serving DG’s local philanthropy, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, it was evident by their enthusiasm how much their hearts cared for service. If that wasn’t enough, every DG I met was involved in another organization besides DG, all ranging from things like Student Council and Voices Against Violence to Club Volleyball and Young Life.

Above all, however, the thing that made me choose DG was everyone’s genuineness. Every girl I’ve met cares so much for each other and doesn’t care about projecting a certain image. The focus is instead on serving our community, bettering ourselves and our fellow sisters, enriching the UT campus, and being real and relatable. DG breaks every stereotype I had going into recruitment, a fact that truly blew my mind.

I’m so humbled to be a part of Texas Delta Gamma and everything DG stands for. Good luck during recruitment; we can’t wait to meet you!

Much love & hook ‘em horns,

Kassidi Kaminski

MC ‘15

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