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Recruitment: Beyond the Basics

The summer leading up to recruitment is one filled with anticipation. Whether you know girls already in sororities or you don’t know a soul, you most likely are experiencing the same, universal feeling. I was a bundle of nerves. Feeling eager to find my sisters along with the excitement of what lay ahead was an emotional, hopeful mixture that I will never forget.

If you’re anything like me, you may have spent ample time on the Internet scouring blog after blog hoping to uncover the magic formula to recruitment. Helpful tips ranging from conversation topics to outfit suggestions, and even how to disguise the effects of the Texas heat were in my arsenal. But I have to preface that this post won’t help you with your preference night heels, make up or resume. I want to help you with your heart. (YES, this is cheesy, but it’s also the truth!)

The best advice I was ever given going through recruitment was to choose a sorority that is filled with girls who make me want to be the very best version of myself — girls who inspire me to be a better leader, a better student, a better person and a better friend. A wonderful senior stood up at our last chapter meeting this year and said, “Delta Gamma is forever. I look around the room and see the rest of my life in these girls.” I felt she articulated what joining a sorority is truly about in a single sentence.

We all come to college bursting with hopes and dreams, eager to become the woman we’ve always wanted to be, yet somehow, we end up morphing into the one we’ve always been. We just didn’t quite know we had it in us yet. Delta Gamma has surrounded me with girls who lead by example. Just by watching my sisters maneuver this university with grace, I have learned not to be afraid. Watching them accomplish their dreams — getting hired by Dell, dancing on Pom Squad, becoming Panhellenic President — I know that these are the girls who inspire me to accomplish my dreams too. My sisters support me, love me, and quite frankly know me in a way I have never experienced in my entire life. If I had known that I would become, by some miracle, part of this amazing organization prior to rush, you better believe that all of my nerves would have vanished immediately.

As a potential new member reading this post, I want you to know that finding the sisterhood of your dreams at UT is possible. I found a home here that is everything I could have ever hoped for and more. I wish you the very best during recruitment, and encourage you to search for a house filled with women who amaze you, and women whom you respect and aspire to emulate. I have found this in Delta Gamma, and I hope that you do too.

See you soon!

Ally Triolo

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