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Recruitment 2014: What to Wear

One of the biggest things most recently-graduated high school seniors (congratulations, by the way!) preparing for recruitment ask is WHAT IN THE WORLD WILL I WEAR?

Ladies, I know this is crucial in your minds… and I understand. However, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to simply be yourself.

I know what you’re thinking, “this girl is so cliché, I’m just going to look on Pinterest for outfit ideas,” but hear me out! Sticking to your own personal style will not only make picking out your outfit easier, it will help you stand out amongst everyone else! You will end up feeling much more comfortable throughout the week knowing that you are wearing an outfit that represents who you are.

This post is meant to help guide you and let you know what the “dress code” for each party of Formal Recruitment entails. Of course, there is plenty of freedom within the suggested attire, so have fun with it!

For the first two days, you will be attending Open House parties. This is the easiest and most practical outfit for 100 degree weather while walking around West Campus. You will be provided two identical t-shirts that match every other woman going through recruitment. The dress code says to wear the provided t-shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Yes, you will look like a tourist at the zoo. But add some of your own fun accessories (belts, necklaces, etc.) and you’ll be the cutest tourist we’ve ever seen!

For the next two days, you will go to Philanthropy Day parties. During this round, you won’t have to match everyone else anymore. Philanthropy party dress code calls for a casual dress and either sandals, flats, or wedges. Panhellenic recommends no denim or flip flops, so try to steer clear of those when shopping! Remember, you’ll be running (or fast-walking) in between houses and it is HOT in Austin during August. Pick an outfit that won’t give you a heat stroke and shoes that won’t give you an injury walking too fast. Because this round lasts two days, you can either pick two different dresses or stick to the same dress for both days.

Next round – Skit Night! This round should be a bit dressier but not quite formal. Think cocktail party or wedding appropriate. Wedges or heels are both great here, so roll with what suits you best. While this round is technically more “night-time” attire, parties will still be happening when the sun is out. Don’t make the very sweaty mistake of dressing for cooler weather; even at night, Austin is hot hot hot!

After Skit Night is Preference Night. This is the last round before Bid Day! Get excited!!! Like Open House, there is not much freedom in this dress code. A black cocktail dress and black heels are suggested. Take this chance to show your personality through fun accessories or a unique dress that stands out from every other LBD. Try to stay away from confining fits because you will be doing a lot of standing, sitting, and Beyoncé dance moves (just kidding… but I wish I wasn’t) throughout this round.

The very last (and most exciting!!!) day of recruitment is BID DAY! I know I debated my Bid Day outfit for a long time because I wanted to look my best for cute pictures with my new sisters. The most important thing to think about is comfort… get ready to run, jump, hug and celebrate! Most girls wear a casual sundress and either sandals or wedges, so choose whatever you feel best in and get ready for the day you’ve been waiting for all summer.

One final tip…

PACK IN YOUR BAG—sandals (for when you don’t want to run in heels), blotting papers, A FAN, deodorant, notebook and pen, mints or gum, and any makeup you might want to touch up! You won’t have much time in between houses but these are your essentials for staying fresh and surviving the Texas heat!

Once again, this is just a guide of the style “norms” that Panhellenic suggests. The most important tip of all is to relax and let your personality shine through in whatever clothes you’re wearing!

With Love,


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