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Founder's Day 2014

This past Sunday, our chapter had our annual Founder’s Day brunch and ceremony. Although the weather was slightly dreary, the celebration inside was greatly enjoyed by the Beta Eta chapter and our Austin alumnae community. The event was held at the Austin Country Club, and twenty-five alumnae and two hundred and ten collegians attended. We were also honored to have five members of our newly founded Golden Anchor Club, as well as our House-Corp and Advisor team present. During the event our Honor Board presented many awards voted upon by the chapter, and these women exemplify the shining characteristics that Delta Gamma continues to uphold. The awards presented and the winners included:

The Golden Anchor - Molly Spratt

Athena - Elaine Posluszny

Pink - Ashley Nelms

Mary Comfort Leonard - Melissa Hancock

Isabel Haynes - Sarah Sausman

Diamond - Kimia Dargahi

Cream Rose - Becky Retzloff

Blue - Emily Pierce

Anchor - Alia Nazir

Pearl - Breanna Lind

Bronze - Emily Tally

Eva Webb Dodd - Jennifer Olson

Anna Boyd Ellington - Alexandra Triolo

Congratulations to the award winners! These women are truly role models, and we are so grateful to have them in our chapter.

Founder’s Day is a time to reflect upon the past year, connect with alumnae, and to remember and appreciate the three women that made Delta Gamma what it is today. From hearing our incredibly insightful guest speaker Cathy McHorse speak on how Delta Gamma has positively impacted her adult life after college, to the beautiful candle lighting ceremony, Founder’s Day was a lovely time to share the devotion we feel toward Delta Gamma… and the delicious chocolate cake didn’t hurt either. ;)

Love and ITB,

Keren Brickman

Director of Alumnae Relations

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