Sisterhood (Re)defined

Just like any other freshman sorority girl, I moved into my dorm and nervously awaited the start of recruitment. I had heard horror stories about water balloons, ripped dresses, and scary conversations. Needless to say, I was slightly less than a wreck. The week progressed slowly as days were long and hot and some conversations dragged on, but I made it to the long awaited Bid Day. My experience was slightly different than everyone else’s, though, because when I ran to my new sorority house I didn’t just meet a pack of strangers, but instead my older sister Sarah.

Being in a sorority has been so much more than the t-shirts, date parties, and instant friends (though those do help). It has been something special that I have now shared with two of my real sisters. When I was a freshman, my older sister Sarah was a senior and helped me ease into the new sorority world immensely. She obviously showed me all of the ropes in the sorority, and made sure to tell me all of the secrets you don’t learn about in member education. She was the person I went to with questions about Delta Gamma, and the person who never let me skip a date party because of homework. Sarah is one of my best friends and someone I admire whole-heartedly, so when time came to run for an officer position, all I had to do was look to Sarah and follow her footsteps as a New Member Educator.

This past year, DG gained another Olson, my little sister Jen. Like a normal older sister, I didn’t just stand on the sidelines and watch her transition into her new college life. Nope, I was her Member Educator, which meant I got to see her every Sunday at 6 PM sharp. At first, it was interesting to be the one educating her about Delta Gamma’s history and traditions but then it became natural teaching her about something that has meant so much to me.

Jen is now my grand little, and my sister over again twice. It has been the best journey taking silly pictures in the photo booth at semi-formal, dancing way too much on the dance floor, and seeing one another every Monday at meeting. Through being in college with two of my sisters, it has been incredible to see how our friendships have grown, not just through our own accord but through the bond Delta Gamma has instilled in us. It has been such a blessing having two sisters in Delta Gamma at UT, and who knows, maybe Delta Gamma will gain the fourth and last Olson in less than a year and a half… ITB, Amanda Olson Director of New Members: MC ‘13

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