Values & Ethics Lectureship

The Beta Eta Values and Ethics Lectureship was successfully founded in 2002. Years prior, Beta Eta had been approached by the Foundation to raise $50,000 that would then be matched by the Delta Gamma Foundation. In 2002, Beta Eta had successfully raised the designated amount, which allowed for the Texas Delta Gammas to present a check of $100,000 to The University of Texas at Austin – the largest endowment to the university by any student organization to date.


Through the Delta Gamma Lectureship, Beta Eta has brought numerous key speakers, including Paul Rusesabagina, a Rwandan Hero upon which the movie Hotel Rwanda was based, Charlotte Benson, founder of the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation, Collins Touhy, real-life sister of The Blindside's Michael Oher, and Jerry Greenfield, creator of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.


In 2017, we were proud to host Shawn Johnson, world-renowned Olympics gold medalist in gymnastics. Drawing an audience of over 700 people, including students, UT faculty, and local entrepreneurs, The event was our largest yet. 


Please feel free to contact Lauren Harris, Director of Lectureship Fundraising, for any questions related to Delta Gamma’s Values and Ethics Lectureship Series.

Dessert with DG

Delta Gamma funds the Lectureship Series through their beloved fundraiser, Dessert With DG.


Hosted once a semester at the Delta Gamma house, Dessert With DG is an event in which Beta Eta members provide delicious desserts to hungry midnight prowlers. The desserts are provided partially through donations from popular local eateries and partially through homemade donations by the DGs themselves. Since it is held from 10 to 2 in the morning, Dessert With DG has proven to be especially popular amongst UT students.


Want to stop by the next Dessert With DG? Check out the "Upcoming Events" section of our home page to see the nearest date!


Want to donate to our Lectureship fund? Lauren Harris, Director of Lectureship Fundraising. 



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